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You know you are a Ph.D. student when…

Oh, my… I am in the middle of my dissertation comprehensive exams. I am working on my essays, and my research books are falling apart! The pages were falling out, the binding was cracking, and I kept random pages on a corkboard. I took advantage of the FedEx office and had my books rebound. I LOVE IT!

You know you are a Ph.D. student when this makes your day! My books lay flat and will stay open. My new spiral-bound book brings me an enormous amount of happiness.

I am finding time to write between committee Zoom meetings and graduate student coursework. I LOVE my job as a full-time Ph.D. student and my research. Following my research is an absolute dream, and I love to talk about it!

Cooperative Creativity: Creativity as a Collaborative Process

Do you enjoy being creative? Do you like working in groups? Do you ever get stuck problem-solving?

Tomorrow I have the honor of engaging teachers from two districts in the state gifted associations from Kansas and Missouri in creative exercises pushing the ideals of what does it means to be creative in a cooperative environment.

My 2-hour presentation is full of laughter, hands-on engagement involving pipe cleaners, tape, markers, thinking caps, LOTS of discussion, and integrations of arts education.

I am attaching my presentation and if you would love to hear more, feel free to reach out.

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Education & Social Media: Teaching Social Media Intentions Matters

Today I talk about the intention of social media use and how adults are role models for children.

I reference the article, “4 Conversations to Have with Older Kids and Teens About Their Screen Time Habits” by #commonsensemedia and the ways parents or teachers can help children become responsible social media users.

I also mention the article, “Study: Social Media Didn’t Cause Teens’ Pandemic Stress” by #verywellhealth. Both articles discuss teens and their use of social media.

Finally, check out the book, “You Are What You Click” by Brian A. Primack.

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